'Mental' Sana Khan talks about the abduction case

31st May 2013

Sana Khan made news after she was declared absconding in the alleged abduction case of a minor girl. Now, after a week of making headlines, the 'Bigg Boss 6' contestant and the 'Mental' actress opted to step out in the open and shared her story with the media.

To break it down, Sana was accused of abducting a minor girl, who had refused to marry Sana's cousin, and it was the girl's parents, who had filed this case against Sana.

The actress expressed that she had met the girl at an ice-cream parlor with her male cousin. During their meeting, the girl has requested Sana to initiate the marriage talk with the girl's mom, who is a big fan of the actress. Sana requested the media to be rational, and take a step back and evaluate the validity of the accusation. Sana further shared that the girl's parents have demanded Rs.50 lakhs to withdraw the case.

Sana tried to gain sympathy from the media by further expressing that her mother was recovering after a brain hemorrhage incident and the actress was spending time with her friend to ensure that her mother is not bothered by the media.

Salman Khan had expressed his support for Sana, and it is yet to be seen on how this story shapes up next week.

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