Rajpal Yadav behind the bars for 6 months

24th April 2018

Delhi Court sentenced Rajpal Yadav to six months imprisonment when the actor and his wife were found guilty in seven cheque bounce cases.

A Delhi-based company Murli Project filed a case against him and his company. The actor was heard to have taken a loan of Rs.5 crore for producing a movie under his banner Shree Naurang Godavari Entertainment.

The actor was later granted a bail bond of Rs.50,000 with a surety that he would repay the principal with the interest to the lender. Court has asked the couple to pay 11.9 crore to the complainant.

Though Rajpal's wife too was involved in it, the court took a lenient action against her. A spoke person said, "She is a woman and keeping in view her medical condition, no sentence of imprisonment is awarded to Ms. Yadav."

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