Rajeev Khandelwal returns to small screen

24th April 2018

After six long years, television's darling actor is back on small screen. Rajeev Khandelwal is signed to host a new show titled 'Juzzbaat'.

A talk-show which will have prominent figures from all walks of life such as sports, science, art, entertainment, etc.

Rajeev says, "It's an original and slice-of-life format. This show will, in turn, be edgy, fun and emotional, depending on the celebrity. All our guests are people who have inspired us in some way or the other. We are planning to run the show in short seasons."

Breaking the news about his re-entry on the small screen, he tweeted, "JuzzBaat is what matters, Juzzbaat is what makes the difference. And #Juzzbaat is what will you will see and #Juzzbaat is what you will feel. Coming soon friends on Zee...hope you give your I will take care 😊"

Speaking about his preparation for the show, he says,"This show requires a great amount of research, as we want to bring to the fore the real and humane side of our guests, something that the audience isn't exposed to. I am both excited and nervous, as there is no template to follow while hosting this kind of a show. I will have to play it by ear as I sit across the guest."

He was last seen anchoring a controversial show 'Sacch Ka Saamna'.

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