Ranveer Singh yells at a random rash driver

5th September 2018

Couple of hours ago a video of Ranveer Singh yelling at driver driving rashly went viral. 

The 33-year old usually keeps his fans updated through his social media accounts with all his posts. Although, it was a day ago when Ranveer took to his social media account to post a photo in which he looks uber cool. However, we noticed that a social media user posted a video of Ranveer losing his temper on a driver at the same time. Click here to watch the video of Ranveer taking a harsh dig at one of the commoners.

Although the one-sided yelling video just states half of the truth. This brutal reaction came from the actor when a man rashly overtook his car which could have lead to a major accident; whereas when he tried talking to the driver he was busy on a phone call on the compulsive reaction of which is why the actor yelled.

Earlier a video of Anushka Sharma went viral in which she warns a man to not litter on the road as they commute in their car. 

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