Shankar Mahadevan to play Pandit Bhanushankar

28th August 2015

An ace singer, musician, composer and now finally an actor, any guesses? We are talking about Shankar Mahadevan, who is ready to take on another exciting challenge in his career. 

An idol for millions in the music industry will play well known music teacher Pandit Bhanushankar in yet to be released Katyar Kaljat Ghusali directed by actor Subodh Bhave.

Overwhelmed with joy of playing such an iconic personality onscreen he said, "I was initially hesitant. Its not about being camera shy. I have been part of several music videos and shoots. But there I am just being Shankar Mahadevan."

"And this wasn't some walk on part where I say two lines and vanish. It’s a full length role and the character goes through a whole gamut of emotions in what is one of the most powerful vortex of the narrative."

Speaking about the preparation for the same, he says, "We have retained several of the iconic natyageets created by the late Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki for the play in the early 60s. We added several original scores which include bandishes, devotional numbers and even qawwalis as tracks in the movie for which I have also sung."

"We have also got the grandson and legatee of the original maestro Vasantrao Deshpande (whose voice has immortalised for ever songs from the original play) Rahul Deshpande to sing for the film."

"Getting into character and getting the nuance of every word and expression right was really challenging. I am really lucky to have been in very safe hands of the debutante director Subodh Bhave."

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