Sonakshi gets trolled for her meat ban tweets

10th September 2015

Sonam Kapoor's meat ban tweet landed her in a trouble, where twitteratti went berserk, slammed her for not knowing the meaning of the word used by her. And within no time Sonakshi Sinha too fall prey to it.

Sona too had slammed the govt. for these unreasonable bans and what she got in returns, was nothing different than Sonam. She too was criticized and slammed for it. Take a look at some of these tweets-

Lord STARK ‏@iamGunjanGrunge 

@sonakshisinha chup kar moti

Loose_Bull ‏@loosebool 

Dear  Ms. @sonakshisinha  please don't behave like ur father ! Let me remind you that You also demanded 'Ban' 😈

Kailash Wagh ‏@kailashwg 

@loosebool @ShivshankarS @sonakshisinha these nautankis always speak in double tongue? @ShatruganSinha ?

Dhaval Patel ‏@dhaval241086 

.@sonakshisinha Ma'am your Father is also in same Party, Please ask him to quit and join Chara Chor Party !!!!!

Dr Neelu Goswami ‏

@NeelakshiGswm  @sonakshisinha u wretched creature y don't u just get lost frm my country ? Feeding on blood of Indians & abusing thm shamelessly.

हरीश ‏@TheBigMochad 

Kya @sonakshisinha madamji before posting your shit, please remember to delete your old shits

However, like every time shotgun Jr. gave it back and tweeted, "Welcome to twitter. Whr only trolls r allowed to have their say 😂 yep, the only space they shud be takin up in life is the 140 chars here! And the best part is, trolls think they are relevant, while we carry on with our happy and positive lives 😂 god bless you all!"

The actress even put up an imaginary conversation on twitter.

Me: have something to say.

Twitter: r u a troll?

Me: no

Twitter: NO u cant have an opinion. Go away. Shoo. *intimates other trolls* ATTACK

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