Sushant Singh Rajput to play Great Khali onscreen

27th September 2017

Sushant Singh Rajput has managed to not just impress audiences with his character transformations, but also bowl them over with his versatile performances onscreen. The actor was lauded for his nuanced and seasoned performance as the former Indian cricket captain, MS Dhoni in the blockbuster MS Dhoni : The Untold Story. With this, Sushant took on the challenge of essaying the titular role of an iconic personality who is still around and relevant, a move which several touted as a confident sign of a good actor.

While rumor now has it that Sushant has been cast in the biopic based on the Great Khali, the Indian wrestler Dalip Singh Rana, all eyes on now on the actor, who has some incredibly big shoes to fill and from the looks of it may just manage to pull this off!

Says an industry insider, "Sushant doesn't toe the line or opt for supposedly safe, fluffy films. Unsafe choices may be a gamble but they build credibility of talent. He managed to convince audiences that he was Dhoni when Dhoni was still around and immensely popular, which is a big feat for any actor. And though taking on the Great Khali on the big screen is definitely a big challenge, everyone is waiting to see how he manages to pull this off as well."

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