Will Sana be replaced in 'Mental'?

27th May 2013

Sana Khan, who is reportedly still absconding after being charged in the abduction case of a 15-year old girl, has been in the news more for her association with the 'Mental' project. The media was curious to know if Sana's disappearance would have any impact on Salman Khan's forthcoming film.

Salman's brother Sohail Khan, who is also the director of 'Mental' shared that Sana's absence from the sets has had no impact on the project. Besides, she was not part of the current shoot schedule and is not the lead as well, as the key female roles are being played by Daisy Shah and Tabu in the movie.

Sohail further expressed that Sana's casting in the project was solely on the basis of an 'implicit promise' given to her by Salman. If it gets to the point that Sana, who was also a 'Bigg Boss 6' contestant, is not available for the next shoot schedule, then the team will be left with no option but to replace her.

So although there is no official word from the production on Sana's replacement, looks like Sohail in a way has already dropped the ball.

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