Ajay Devgn fights with a real tiger

19th March 2013

Back in the days, it was superstar Amitabh Bachchan who fought with a real tiger in a stunt sequence in 'Mr. Natwarlal'. But today, surprisingly Ajay Devgn has repeated the same stunt in his upcoming film 'Himmatwala'.

Sajid Khan, who is directing the film said, "For the tiger-fighting scene, we flew to Mauritius. There's a tiger farm there, where all the tigers that are used in films are trained by professionals, and the stunts are performed under their guidance."

Initially, Sajid asked for a body double for Ajay, but the latter insisted on performing the stunt himself.

"Ajay was quite kicked about it. We shot with the tiger for seven days, out of which three days went in shooting Ajay's hand-to-hand combat sequences. There was a huge cage with Ajay, the tiger and four trainers inside, which was later digitally erased," said Sajid.

We wonder if Ajay suffered any injuries during the shoot. "He got a few scratches here and there, but the major scratch was on his neck, which bled a bit," he further added.

When talking about the experience Ajay said, "It was quite difficult to shoot the sequence, but we had taken all the necessary safety precautions and permissions. We are sure that the audience will love it."

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