Farida Jalal falls prey to false death hoax

20th February 2017

Many Bollywood actors often fall prey to false death hoax throughout the year. The internet went crazy when the news about veteran actress Farida Jalal's sudden demise started flooding the internet. While the final confirmation was yet to come and believing such rumours is a bit risky, the final confirmation came from Farida Jalal herself.

A leading daily quoted that she contacted a publicist Himanshu Shukla who wrote on his Twitter handle, "Just got a call from #FaridaJalal ji, she is hale and hearty. Stop spreading fake news...#deathhoax."

A Twitter account in the name of Farida Jalal tweeted, "I am here to confirm you that i am http://alive.News  of my death is nothing more than a rumour.Stop spreading fake & false news.."

Meanwhile Farida Jalal is not the only celebrity who has been a victim of such rumours. Kader Khan is falling prey to such rumours for many years now and even Amitabh Bachchan and Katrina Kaif were in the same list. 

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