Mira Rajput fined by the cops for breaking traffic rules

9th May 2017

Mira Rajput rose to fame when she married actor Shahid Kapoor. Till then she was a commoner to the world and even today she behaves the same. Recently while roaming in the city, Mira got into trouble with the traffic cops when she parked her car in a 'No Parking' zone. Unlike many others who would have taken advantage of being a star wife, Mira on the other hand abided by the law and politely completed all the formalities, apologised for her mistake and even paid the fine.

One of the cops was quoted saying as, "Usually in matters like these stars/star wives argue to let go off the fine, but Mira was very polite and didn’t hesitate to pay. The car driver has also been fined for jumping the signal in the past."

Mira and Shahid are proud parents of daughter Misha who is currently breaking the internet with her adorable pictures.