October official trailer: The joy of love is to go for it

12th March 2018

Banita Sandhu and Varun Dhawan starrer October's official trailer is out and we have Varun emotionally entangled to Banita by the course of time. They work along together in a five-star hotel. Banita plays an on-screen receptionist in her debut film. She is suddenly disappeared due to an unfortunate health issue and yes her presence is heartfelt by the 30-year old.

Nicknamed as Dan, Varun goes searching for her and is worried all the time. His expressions and emotional scenes are bang on. With all his empathy Dan is searching for her receptionist colleague and his awe to eye journey has caught our heart. Shoojit Sircar does what he is best at involving all of us in the emotions of the situations that we gently feel. Click here to watch October official trailer.  

Here we also see a detailed look of Varun Dhawan from the film as well. We could easily get that the 30-year old actor will be seen playing a sweet yet mischievous boy who gets a sneak-peak of the hospitality industry. Moreover, he has perfectly stepped into the shoes of a hotel management student working for a five-star hotel as a part of the trainee program. Varun's profession plays a very integral part to his character and environment in the film, which shapes up the events that follow.

His character Dan is made to work for all the departments including housekeeping person, front desk manager, laundryman, waiter, etc. He even pleads to his manager that this is not why he is here for.

The trailer has eloquent locations complemented by heartfelt acting. It is scheduled to release on April 13, 2018.