Trailer of 'Game Over' is a nail-biting affair

30th May 2019

Couple of weeks ago actress Taapsee Pannu pulled us in the virtual world with the teaser of her next titled 'Game Over'. Now the makers have released the trailer of the movie in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi.

The trailer opens with a soul shattering scream of Taapsee, quickly swifting to her day-to-day chores. She and her house help are happily residing in a massive house, however, something unknown and unseen steals peace from their lives. Its forceful invasion is what takes the trailer a notch higher. 

The lead actress is scared of darkness and suffers from 'Anniversary reaction' medical condition, which freaks out a person due to mental trauma in the past and occurs on an annual interval. 

Along with Taapsee's mental illness, runs a parallel plot in the movie of a serial killer, who beheads young girls in her vicinity. Towards the closure of the trailer we can witness Taapsee wounded and glued to a wheelchair and further becoming a victim to an unknown figure, an armed killer in her very own house. 

Trailer ends on video game controller set on fire, thus, adding yet another twist to the movie. Click here to watch the trailer. 

Sharing the trailer, Taapsee tweeted, "Here's the trailer of this game …Player 1 shall join you in theatres on 14th June #GameOver @Ashwin_saravana @anuragkashyap72 @StudiosYNot @RelianceEnt"

Directed and penned by Ashwin Saravanan, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap will present the Hindi version of 'Game Over' releasing on June 14, 2019.