Prakash Raj's angry reaction on threats to Rahman and Rajinikanth

18th September 2015

Veteran actor Prakash Raj was finding it hard to control his anger over the recent fatwa issued against A R Rahman and threat given to the legendary Rajinikanth.

Prakash was in full swing and reacting sharply to the fatwa to Rahman and the threat to Rajinikanth, she said, "The country is getting intolerant, ask them to go to hell."

A fatwa was issued against A R Rahman last week for composing the music for Iranian film 'Muhammad' based on the life of Prophet Muhammad and recently several right wing leaders in Tamil Nadu threatened Rajinikanth not to work in a proposed film on the life of Tipu Sultan.

Expressing his anger on this issue further, Prakash added, "You ban meat, you ban porn; don't voters have rights? The bubble will burst soon."


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