RGV will mark his debut as an actor with 'Cobra'

9th April 2019

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is known to take audiences by surprise with his work. On his 57th birthday he announced about his next project and also a new beginning as an individual. RGV will mark his debut as an actor with bilingual project titled 'Cobra', co-directed by Agasthya Manju along with him.

He tweeted, "Ahem! On the occasion of my birthday today, I am debuting as an actor for the first time in my career. I wouldn't mind if you don't bless me. Thanks."

He also shared the film poster with it. He further tweeted, "COBRA is a bilingual being made in Hindi and Telugu ..It is a biopic of  the most dangerous criminal that ever existed in the criminal history of india ..A new actor K G is playing the protagonist and I am playing an intelligence officer #Cobra"

"COBRA is a biopic of a rowdy sheeter turned naxalite turned Police covert agent turned gangster ..While the likes of Dawood Ibrahims and Chota Rajans ruled the criminal world on brand names, the Cobra ruled in anonymity ..No one knew of his existence till he died"

Going by his tweets, we can figure out that its a biopic that is based on most dangerous criminal ever existed. 

And most excited among his peers with the news was megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who has worked with him several times in past. On reading this news Big B tweeted, "FINALLY .. !! Ram Gopal Varma .. the 'SARKAR' finds his true vocation .. ACTING !! All the best Sircaarrrrr .. 👍👍👍
DAMN .. another competition !!😟😟"

To which Varma replied, "Sir your praise makes me feel dead because only dead people are praised this much but thank you for your belief in my new 'yatra'."

RGV will mark his debut as an actor with 'Cobra'