Trailer: 'Blank' confirms an intriguing story-line

4th April 2019

Teaser of Karan Kapadia's debut 'Blank' kept the audience intrugued and wanting to know more. Now a full-fledged trailer of 'Blank' is out and has successfully ended up creating more curiosity till the film releases. 

Sunny Deol plays a strict and dutiful Intelligence Bureau officer who is informed about a sleeper agent and his motives. High-octane action sequence and an intriguing storyline is a clear winner that makes this flick a must watch for the audience. 

Trailer begins with the overview of the city and Sunny's team on duty to pin down the suspect. Followed by a group of young men being trained for terror-attacks in valleys. This thriller clearly indicates a cat-mouse chase between the terrorist and police squad. Some of the movie sequences compel us to think has Karan really lost his memory or it is just a full-proof plan to escape cop's claw. As Karan is combatting the police as well as seeming clueless as to what is happening in his life. Trailer establishes Karan as suicide bomber as one can see a bomb strapped on his chest which will blow off if his heart stops beating.

Directed by Behzad Khambata, it also stars Karanvir Sharma, Ishita Dutta in pivotal roles. It will release on May 3. Click here to watch the trailer.