Wagah Border recreated in Ludhiana for 'Bharat'

13th November 2018

Ali Abbas Zafar directorial 'Bharat' is in talks since Priyanka Chopra moved out of the film and Katrina Kaif was roped in as the leading lady. 'Bharat' which is reported to be a period drama required to shoot at the famous Wagah Border from Amritsar, Punjab between India and Pakistan. However, it was not possible due to security reasons thus it is now recreated in Ballowal Ludhiana which looks like an exact replica of it.

A senior BSF official was quoted, "Under normal circumstances, it is not at all allowed to shoot at Wagah Border. It is a sensitive area and certain security issues are there. We did not receive any request asking for permission to shoot this film." 

Gurmukh Singh, sarpanch of village Ballowal, said, "The production team approached us almost a month back and asked if they could shoot here. I spoke to farmers whose fields they wanted to use and an agreement was reached. Then the set of Wagah Border was prepared in around 20 days. Since it was difficult to get permission to shoot at the actual location in Amritsar, they chose our village. Farmers have been given compensation by the production house. The shooting here is likely to go on till November 18. However, the cast and crew are not staying in our village. They are staying at a high-end hotel in Ludhiana."