Alok Nath's son fined for drunk and drive

5th October 2016

Alok Nath, who is popularly known as the sanskaari babuji of Bollywood has ruled the Indian Cinema from decades. He has set upon a benchmark of a proud father and a perfect teacher to his sons on screen. While all this happens on-screen, the off-screen picture is a bit imperfect.

Recently his son Shivang Nath was confined by the Khar Police and was levied by the charges of drunk and drive.

It all happened when Shivang was heading for a birthday party along with his group of friends. He was stopped by the police at their checkpoint but instead Shivang drove away his car and was later arrested by the Santacruz police. His car was taken in custody and he was fined with Rs.2600.

Police in charge of this case allowed him to leave the spot only after he agreed to show up in court for hearings.

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