Dalip Tahil booked for drunk driving

26th September 2018

Actor Dalip Tahil was arrrested by Mumbai Police in drunk driving case on Sept. 22. According to a leading daily, the actor was driving rashly during the Ganesh visarjan processions and happen to ramp into an autorickshaw around Khar-Santacruz area. 

Passengers identified as Gaurav Chugh and Jenita Gandhi were injured in this mishap. The injured passenger when tried to confront with the him for the same, he arrogantly behaved with them and even pushed them away. The actor is booked under the Indian Penal Code and the Motor Vehicles Act.  

A Khar police official said, "The impact of the collision caused Ms. Gandhi sustain a severe jolt to her back and neck. Ms. Gandhi and Mr. Chugh got off the autorickshaw and saw the car trying to flee towards Santacruz. The car could not get far as the street was crowded due to Ganeshotsav immersion processions."

The actor even tried to flee from the accident spot but couldn't due to slow moving traffic and over-crowding in the said area. The official further added, "Mr. Tahil refused to let us take a blood sample so that it could be tested for alcohol traces. However, he was visibly inebriated."

Eventually the actor was granted bail. 

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