'Naan Ee' fights piracy!

12th July 2012

Piracy has been a threat to the very existence of cinema from ages now. While the producers are waiting in anticipation to know the box office results, pirated CDs of their film are circulating in every nook and corner of the country. 

Recently released film 'Naan Ee' is also seen battling hard to keep their film away from the woes of piracy. Video anti piracy wing inspector Rajashekar and sub inspector Bhuvaneshwari raided the Burma Bazaar in Chennai yesterday and seized 500 Naan Ee VCDs along with several other films' copies.

More than 3000 copies were seized from all over the city. Authorities say that the raids will continue for few more days. 

Film industry, free from the clutches of piracy will indeed be a dream come true. 

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