Katti Batti's earlier title was a sexiest

15th June 2015

Nikhil Advani's upcoming, Katti Batti's trailer is out and youtube views are on count.

In an interview, the director, Nikhil said that the film  was earlier titled as 'Saali Kutiya'. The film is about the high and lows of a relationship and the earlier title had no connection to the plot.

Nikhil told,"Katti Batti sums up the idea of the film in the same way! What life is, what love is, what their relationship is is best summed up in this title."

Kangana Ranaut added to the conversation, "To each to its own. I think it is about how that person makes you feel. If there is trust and faith, then go ahead and take the relationship to next level."

The film produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur will release on September 18. 

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