CBFC hands U/A certificate to 'Padmavati'

8th January 2018

Its a go-ahead for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Padmavati' after the makers presented the final copy of the film by making the suggested modifications as ordered by the advisory panel. Now CBFC has completed the film's certification process and granted the period drama a U/A certificate.

Furthermore, it is completely in the hands of the producer now to come up with a new release date and we have to wait for the official announcement from the makers. On December 28 an official committee of CBFC was formed including some qualified historians that proposed five modifications to 'Padmavati'.

First, the Board recommended a change in the film's title to 'Padmavat'. Moreover, CBFC also recommended adding two disclaimers, First one stating that the film doesn't showcase historical accuracy and a second that says the film does not support the practice of Sati and Jauhar. The makers were also told to modify a song named 'Ghoomar' featuring the Mewar queen Padmini.

Finally, justice is served to the makers of 'Padmavat' and now they can come up with an official release date anytime and we will definitely keep you updated with that. Although an unfortunate controversy surrounded the SLB's period drama for quite long, but now its a sunrise after a dark night as the release of 'Padmavat' will be grand as this will be first Indian feature film to get a massive global release across 60 countries by global studios-Paramount Pictures.

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