Helicopter Eela Trailer: Single mother Kajol is doting yet strict

6th August 2018

The makers of 'Helicopter Eela' are out with its official trailer and we have the single mother in town who in order to start her career again returns to college for completing her graduation but not as a teacher but a student.

It is the son played by Riddhi Sen who is irritated by the decision and the fun begins when Eela aka Kajol joins his son's university and the same class to proceed with what she said. There are quite a few quirky moments in the trailer, to begin with, but the trailer gets an emotional turn as it proceeds. The son is irritated by the over-protective mother and there are blame-games and quarrel. It is Neha Dhupia who advises Mumma Kajol not to be over possessive or the love becomes the irritation.  

At the film's trailer launch, Ajay Devgn who is producing the film said, "It was initially only titled Eela but then we came across this American concept of 'helicopter parents' who hover around their children all the time. In India, every mother is a helicopter mother so we named it Helicopter Eela."

Helmed by Pradeep Sarkar, 'Helicopter Eela' is based on Anand Gandhi's Gujarati play 'Beta Kaagdo' The film also stars Neha Dhupia and Tota Roy Choudhury and is slated to release on September 7.

Click here to watch Helicopter Eela official trailer.   

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